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AV Road Trip

Join us to learn about self-driving vehicle technology that exists today and have a first-hand experience with an autonomous vehicle.
The tour includes self-driving vehicle test rides, a technology showcase, and an interactive workshop to help your city become one of the first to pilot autonomous vehicles. You’ll meet the people and companies that will change the way people move forever.
Click on a city and then on the photo to learn more and register to attend. More cities will be added soon!

About the Road Trip

In a study of American motorists, four in five told the American Automobile Association they are wary of self-driving vehicles. But that’s because they have only read about self-driving vehicles or seen one on television. They have never traveled in one. There is no doubt that when it comes to self-driving vehicles, seeing is believing. That’s why will partner with industry leaders this year to accelerate and enable a self-driving future by increasing the exposure of these technologies to community leaders and citizens across America.
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